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Trim Mask Generator for Substance Designer

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Trim Mask Generator for Substance Designer

Dennis Porter
5 ratings

This generator facilitates quicker mask creation for trim sheets and other rectangular forms.

Try Before You Buy

Try the sample Trim Mask Generator which has all the same features but is limited to 5x5 segments (reusable functions also disabled).

Instructional Video

Trim Mask Generator Overview (YouTube)


  • Driven by Pixel Processors to maximize graph speed: ~7ms at 2K
  • Fractional system automatically determines X/Y offset values for you, no need to use a calculator for precise offsets
  • Unclamped parameter ranges allow masks to be as small as you need
  • Individual control for height & width, vertical & horizontal position
  • Mask interstice control, based on pixel size -- uniform or custom X/Y controls
  • Reference grid with division and thickness control
  • Solid white mask output
  • Luminance variation output by mask or by fraction
  • X/Y gradient output
  • Very Cheap Flood Fill output (~2ms vs 25+ms Flood Fill node)
  • Custom inputs are automatically masked
  • Sub-fractional X/Y offset for pattern input (to align within the mask)
  • Non-square support

Additional Content

Below is a list of extra functions which are usable in any function graph.  These are available only if you have access to the SBSAR.

  • isBetween - returns 0 or 1 for whether an input value is between two other values
  • reciprocal_float1 - returns 1 divided by an input (for converting large numbers to their unit size in 0-1 decimal space)
  • reciprocal_float2 - same as before except for a float2
  • frac_float2 - it's frac except it works with float2 inputs
  • half_float1 - reduces input value by half

Included Files

  • Non-commercial license - SBSAR only
  • Commercial licenses - SBS and SBSAR
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